Kenya Police Investment

This is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kenya National Police DT SACCO and it was registered on 12th May 2014. The objective is to mobilize resources to enable members venture into the real estate market i.e. land buying, house ownership, etc.

What is Kenya Police Investment Cooperative Society Ltd?

This is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kenya National Police DT SACCO Society Limited registered under the Cooperative Societies Act.

What are the objectives of this investment co-operative?

The core business is to undertake investment activities using member’s funds in order to create wealth for our members and other customers. Some of our business activities include:

  1. Real Estate ie land and housing
  2. Agribusiness
  3. Trading in equity and money markets

How can I become a member?

You join by first filling a membership application form available in our offices or at our website The entrance fee is KShs. 2,000/- and the minimum share contribution is KShs. 20,000/-. Members are also encouraged to save at least Kshs. 1,000/- monthly investment deposit.

How will I be making my contributions?

Payment can be made via payroll deduction, standing order, MPESA Paybill No.169500, cheque or cash deposit into the Member’s Investment A/C at FOSA or Cooperative Bank A/C 01120742036000.
NB: The deposit slip or cheque should be remitted to the investment office as evidence of payment and official receipt issued. Cash payment in the investment office is strictly prohibited.

What are some of the membership benefits?

Member of Kenya Police Investment Cooperative Society are entitled to unlimited membership benefits. Amongst them are: –

  1. Subsidized prices for all our products including land and houses
  2. Priority in product sales and letting at subsidized prices
  3. Flexible repayment options
  4. Quick title processing
  5. Dividend payment
  6. Thorough due diligence executed at the highest level of expertise
  7. Creation of wealth for our members


The Society is located on the Fourth Floor, of the Kenya National Police DT SACCO Plaza in Ngara, Nairobi. Members can also be assisted from any of the SACCO’s branches

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