Kenya Police Investment

This is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kenya Police Sacco and it was registered on 12th May 2014. The objective is to mobilize resources to enable members venture into the real estate market i.e. land buying, house ownership, etc.

Who is eligible?

All members of Kenya Police Sacco Society

How do I join?

You join by first filling in a membership application form. Application fee is KES 2000 and the share capital is KES 20,000. However, members are encouraged to save more.

How will I be making my contributions?

You can make your contributions by deductions directly from your pay slip, a standing order from your bank account or cash remitted to the investment co-operative. The minimum contribution per month is KES 1,000.

Where is Kenya Police Investment Co-operative located?

We are located at the Kenya Police Sacco Headquarters in Nairobi at Kenya Police Sacco plaza Ngara road Off Muranga Road. You can also be assisted from any Police Sacco branch, either Eldoret or Mombasa.

When will the investment co-operative begin to buy land?

We are in the process of sourcing for land, the progress will be communicated to members soon.

Will the members be able to get loans to buy properties?

Members can borrow from the Kenya Police Sacco. The Investment Co-operative will not be granting loans but can offer an instalment plan for the payment.

Can anyone who is not a Police Sacco member be allowed to join?

At the moment the membership is limited to Kenya Police Sacco members.

Can anyone who is not a member take part in the projects?

The projects will be open to all but the first priority will be given to the members.

What are the advantages of joining?

Members will be able to save and access the real estate market easily. The Investment Co-operative will be able to negotiate better prices for different properties therefore give members discounted prices.

Can the Society build for me if I have my own land?

We are yet to do that but in future it will be considered.

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